Active Release Technique in De Pere

Active Release Technique in De Pere WI

Active Release Technique in De Pere is a manual therapy used to directly break up adhesions or scar tissue that has built up in the muscles of our body. By physically breaking down these adhesions, it allows for the muscles to be able to function properly. This also increases muscle flexibility, strength, improves range of motion and helps prevent future injuries.

Pressure on nerves throughout the body can lead to numbness, tingling, loss of function and even pain. Often times this pressure on the nerves is caused by adhesions or scar tissue that has slowly built up in the muscles over time. By following the entire track of the nerve and removing all adhesions that have built up within different muscles that cross or touch the nerve along its track, we are able to remove nerve interference and allow it to function at its optimal level. Keeping our nerves free of interference allows us to not only be free of numbness, tingling and/or pain, but keeps our body, including all of our organs able to function properly as well. With this in mind, ART is great at managing and treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), Piriformis Syndrome and even Sciatic nerve entrapment (Sciatica).

You may be thinking, well I’ve never had any major injury that would have ever caused me to have scar tissue that bad in my body. Well let me tell you, scar tissue slowly builds up and accumulates over time. From the fall off of your bike in the 2nd grade to the countless hours of typing you did throughout college or the long hours you sit at your desk. It slowly accumulates over time to these tiny adhesions in our muscles throughout our body. ART at Tundra Chiropractic is not just used to treat major injuries, or athletes, it’s for everyone. It’s especially useful in treating repetitive injuries. We’ve all heard of scars before, it’s tissue it’s just not normal tissue. It’s weaker, less elastic and more prone to problems not so much today but in the future. It’s this tissue that also supports our spine. If our muscles surrounding our spine are unable to function properly, then how is our spine able to move correctly and how are the nerves coming out of our spine able send the proper signals throughout our body without interference. ART is able to effectively remove these adhesions and keep our bodies functioning not only pain free but at their optimal level.

How ART Can Help Your Symptoms in De Pere

Whether you have an occasional headache, the constant annoying migraine, low back pain that isn’t going away with adjustments, loss in grip strength or even knots in your back that never seem to go away. Whatever the situation may be, ART is a full body technique that can be performed on any muscle, tendon or fascia structures in the body. Our Full Body Certified ART provider, will do a full assessment and get you on your way to functioning again at your optimal level. If you are at a point in your life where you feel surgery is your next step, we urge you to come in and see if ART can help you first.

ART is a very effective technique on its own, however when it is performed after a spinal adjustment we see the most effect on the body. The adjustment is able to move the bone, free the nerve of any interference, and then ART is performed to release any adhesions along the muscles/fascia/tendon structure allowing the adjustment to hold better. ART and Chiropractic at Tundra Chiropractic in De Pere is our favorite combination because it provides the best results for our patients. Call today to see how Chiropractic and ART can help you today!


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