Chiropractic Testimonials

"It all started with a quick Google search for a chiropractor in the Green Bay area. Tundra Chiropractic was at the top in reviews, and it's easy to see why. I called and they were able to get me in quickly and the second I walked in the door I was treated like a long time friend! Kim is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and does a great job of making the reception area feel like a living room. She greets everyone with a smile and is intentional about having a rich conversation with everyone! Dr. Cory is very friendly and I know I'm in great hands when it comes to my health and wellness. Dr. Cory and Kim make it clear they not only care about you as a patient but they care about you as a person. It's great to know Tundra has my back in more ways than one!"

- Shawn K.

"I first came to Tundra because I was struggling with pain during my recent pregnancy and I don't think I'll ever leave! The staff at Tundra are amazing! They not only help find relief for your pain, but they help you maintain that relief and improve your body's alignment. They are also very accommodating, most places won't do an adjustment on your initial consult, but I was able to receive one on day one for immediate pain relief. Tundra is truly a place to call home. You're more than just a number there, you're family. It's really easy to schedule with Kim at the front desk and if something comes up they are understanding and get you back in super quickly. Since the birth of my son visits at Tundra have become a family affair. At first, I thought I'd stop going once my initial pain was gone but now my husband and son see Kallie and Cory as I continue to see them as well. Kallie is so gentle with my little one and has helped him through colic and gas issues. She's also great at explaining the pros to having adjustments and how your body changes during pregnancy. Cory is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and listens to my husband's concerns/needs. Together they've helped us overcome pain, get through colic and regulate my son's "potty" schedule. It's also nice to visit with Kim at the front desk when we have our appointments to catch up. If you're contemplating being seen at Tundra, do it! You will not be disappointed!"

- Emily J.

"My story started about 20 years ago, I had a massage and some damage was done to my neck/back area. In the past 20 years I have been to a chiropractor about 3 different occasions when it acted up, and when it was feeling better I stopped going. This summer, Aug. 2020, I was doing some painting and reaggravated it again, but this time it was much worse. I originally thought I overused my arm/neck/back and just needed to give it time. After about a week, it was not getting better and I was to the point I could not use my arm at all and was in constant pain. I had incredible headaches and was not sleeping or moving well. I called Tundra Chiropractic and was able to see Dr. Cory that day. He took x-rays and examined me. He explained to me and pointed out on x-rays what was wrong and why I was having the pain I was. He was realistic in letting me know the timeline. I decided it was time to get this taken care of, not just a band aid, and I committed to my plan. Immediately I had some relief, my headaches were gone. After the first week I was able to move my arm without shooting pain and after a few weeks I was able to move my arm with just discomfort. I am about 4 months into my treatment and am back to functioning daily without pain. I will continue with my plan to strengthen my neck, back, and arm so this does not become a chronic problem for me. Tundra has helped me so much. Each week I improved and felt better. I am a busy working mom so I really appreciate how easy it was to change my appointments when I needed to and how on time appointments are."

-Cathy C.

"Eve has faced many challenges in her first 3 months of life. She struggled daily with symptoms of colic - issues voiding, gas and overall fussiness. I was given 3 separate recommendations to Tundra to work with Dr. Kallie. Dr. Kallie has been wonderful to work with and has identified a few areas of concern that were contributing to Eve's discomfort. I noticed some positive changes after her first visit and each visit beyond continues to bring relief for our little girl! This has been a great experience and it's wonderful that Tundra Chiropractic is so close to home."

- Eve J.

"The night of February 1st, 2019 was a cold one, not untypical for Wisconsin. I was by myself at home. It was 10PM in the evening and the temperature had plummeted to -10° Fahrenheit. As always, in getting ready to go to bed for the night, I threw on a fleece jacket and prepared to take the dogs out one last time.

I didn't know, that night, when I stepped out onto the deck and began to descend the flight of 18 steps to the concrete patio below, with the Chihuahua tucked under one arm and the Labrador secured on the leash, that my life was about to take an unexpected and disastrous turn.

What I remember of that night is the feeling of the cold, frozen concrete on my face and hands, burning because it was so cold, and the darkness, and the quiet, except for the Lab barking frantically at the top of the steps. I had taken a vicious fall down all eighteen iced steps to the bottom.

As I lay sprawled, trying to figure out how bad it was and if I could move, I called out multiple times, but in Wisconsin, in winter, homes are buttoned up tight and insulation is such that outside sounds oftentimes aren't heard. I was in tremendous pain all down my left side. Knowing that I needed to get back inside I managed to crawl back up the icy steps to where the two dogs were waiting. To this day I don't know how I didn't kill the Chihuahua in the fall, but she managed to come through it unscathed.

Long story short, I called a friend who came over and drove me to the hospital (in Wisconsin we don't take ambulance rides until we absolutely have to). After a barrage of x-rays, miraculously, nothing was broken; however, the entire left side of my body had been hammered by the flight of stairs into a giant hematoma (bruise) that, basically, ran the length of my body.

My left arm looked like Popeye's arm with an overly large black and blue forearm. My left hip actually had a stair imprint hammered into the tissue having taken the brunt of the edges of the eighteen steps on descent. And my left calf, ankle, and foot were so swollen and sore that I was unable to walk on them. I was a bit of a mess.

It took from February until August for the bruising and swelling to dissipate to the point where there was a semblance of normalcy. I still have a knot on the bone of my forearm that will probably be with me for the rest of my life.

I had reached a point in the recovery process where I needed to start on a program of physical therapy to recover the mobility and comfort of movement that I had lost due to the fall. I came to Tundra Chiropractic with a rough plan and was delighted to be welcomed by Kim, and to work with Dr. Cory Madison in developing a recovery process. Through Cory's detailed explanation of the spine and its muscles and nerves I was able to wrap my mind around some of the areas of focus that would prove helpful in my recovery.
I also partnered with a deep tissue massage therapist (who actually was the one who recommended seeking the help of a Chiropractor) to start to work the scar tissue and connective tissue, to release the internal structure of my body so that it could go back to a healthy alignment.

Through the Chiropractic work that Cory has been doing with me I have been able to regain greater mobility of my neck and head. The adjustments that Cory did to my neck and sinuses also helped with clearing up chronic sinus problems I had been dealing with. My sleep has improved and as a result I feel more rested.

At the time I came to see Cory, I was having some digestive problems and lung problems. These markedly improved with the help of the work that he did on my middle to lower spine. Also, my coughing and inflammatory lung disease (COPD) markedly improved to where I was able to reduce the amount of inhaled steroids I was taking, and, more importantly, breathe much easier.

The pain, that was a constant after the fall (particularly in my left hip), has cleared up. Most importantly, I have increased energy and a greater sense of well-being because my body now FEELS in balance and moves in a way that allows me full range of motion and the opportunity to better embrace my life wholeheartedly.

The positive impact of the work that Cory has done to bring me back to a place of balance and health cannot be overemphasized. Each time I would come in we would talk about how it was going, the gains and changes in function and mobility, and any challenges that I was having, then he would adjust his treatment accordingly. Cory worked with the massage therapist in providing specific muscle groups to work on and always followed up with me on how that was going, as well as providing feedback when he noticed changes in resistance as he was making adjustments.

I am forever grateful to the entire Tundra Chiropractic team for their expertise, support, and friendship as we took this journey together towards my improved well-being and health."

- Betsy M.

"I have always had back problems from the time I was young.

After high school I decided I was going to try out a chiropractor. I went to a few other places and they just didn't work out for me. After taking a break from treatment I decided to find a new office. A little under a year ago I decided I would try out Tundra Chiropractic as my back and immune system just weren't feeling right! I am so glad I decided to go to Tundra! Dr. Cory not only helped with my back aches, but also has helped my immune system! When I was in high school I got my tonsils removed. After that I would always get the common cold, flu, and strep throat. Since going to Dr. Cory I have noticed a tremendous difference! This past year I did not get sick once! Knowing I was going on vacation, I made sure that I could get an adjustment before I left to make sure my immune system was in tip top shape and had the nervous system to back it! After my vacation I still felt good and healthy even after walking miles a day. I always look forward to my next appointment!"

- Cassi M.

"Change isn't always a bad thing! Upon hearing that Dr. Harkins was retiring, I was a bit apprehensive about starting all over with a new doctor. Dr. Cory not only made the transition go smoothly but made it seem like he'd been there for years! He takes the time to ask you how you're doing, not just your aches and pains. He also takes the time to explain how and why he's doing the things he's doing so you know why you're feeling better and how everything is connected. You're not just another patient, you're part of the family. Stress, pain, lack of sleep?! Tundra Chiropractic has got your back!"

- Paul C.

"Not drinking 1 hour before bed, 2 hours, even 3 hours or more. Mom and Dad would wake me up randomly during the night. I tried a sensor to detect wetness with an alarm. Rewards from Mom and Dad for dry nights. Plastic bed fitted sheets and discreetly wearing overnight protection. The list of attempts and trials to stop wetting at night was endless, but the desired results weren't happening. Mom and Dad were hesitant to try the meds but being 7 years old they were worried about me getting picked on when I go to sleep overs. One day Dad came home from his appointment at Tundra Chiropractic and mentioned a poster he saw how adjustments could help. Dad has seen such life changing results from his adjustments on his back we figured it was worth a shot. Mom was nervous and said she did some research online and said she read about how Chiropractic adjustments helped a lot of kids. After my first adjustment I went one week only wetting the bed twice. After just 4 more adjustments I have only had one accident in 2 weeks, and I know I pushed my luck that night drinking some OJ right before bed. We returned a whole box of overnight protection and my parents let me keep that money! Not having this issue at night makes me very happy. I was scared about the adjustments hurting but Dr. Kallie is so nice and gentle. She talks me through everything she is going to do and takes the time to get to know me and makes it a great experience. The suckers they have in the waiting room are really good and Kim lets me pick a prize which makes it even better! Everyone there is so nice! Mom and Dad are so excited and keep telling me how proud they are and how amazed they are by the results. Talking about this is a little embarrassing, but I know it wasn't my fault that the signals weren't getting through in time. I really hope my story can help someone else and that is why I wanted to share it."

- Noah T.

"I began my journey with Tundra Chiropractic in April 2019. I have been working in an office setting, sitting at a desk for several years, and it finally had caught up with me. I had been suffering with some pretty severe lower back pain for quite some time and finally decided to take some action on it. I had called to make an appointment thinking it would be weeks before I could get it. Boy was I wrong! Kim was able to schedule me the very next day! I had never had chiropractic care before, despite being told by friends and family to take the plunge. I certainly don't regret it! I had come in to see Dr. Cory (great name by the way!) and had no idea what to expect, but he took the time to explain everything to me. He did warn me that it would take some time to get myself back to normal, but everyday I am improving and feeling even better than the days before! Thank you Tundra Chiropractic for having such a welcoming office to come to for my adjustments, for conversation and some days even for a good laugh!"

- Kori S.

"How can I even start to put into words how AWESOME Tundra Chiropractic is. It's more than just a place to get your body adjusted. It's a place that WELCOMES you, takes care of you and allows you to meet two phenomenal doctors, Dr. Cory and Dr. Kallie and their ROCKSTAR office gal, Kim. Anything I have had hurt, Dr. Cory can usually fix. Don't believe me…try him. Your foot hurts while running - tell him. Your arm hurts because you sit at a desk all day with a computer or you spend way too much time on your phone - tell him. You have a sore throat - tell him. People think they go to a chiropractor to get their back and neck adjusted, but Dr. Cory can do SO, SO, SO much more for you. He takes care of you while you are there and then gives suggestions for things to do while on your own time that can help. He takes a genuine interest in your life and always asks you about your day or what's going on with the family. He helps get you back to healthy so you can live your best life. They also take a genuine interest in our community and give back with things like their Giving Tree and Back to School drive. This is all just the tip of the ice berg….they can offer you so much more that I haven't even taken advantage of yet. If you are considering chiropractic care, put them at the top of your list of where to go."

- Kim H.

"I have been walking on my toes since I was a baby, I am 9 1/2 years old now. Recently my mom and dad have been trying everything to help me walk better on my feet. I have met many doctors and tried physical therapy, but nothing was working. After meeting specialist #4, I had a scary MRI and we found out that I have a tethered spinal cord. After mom telling Dr. Cory about this during one of her adjustments and him talking to Dr. Kallie, the 3 of them talked over a treatment plan that has gotten my heels 2 1/2 to 3 inches closer to the floor when I walk than they were before! I get to come in 3x a week and see Dr. Cory or Dr. Kallie, who are both really fun, to get adjustments and stretched, and I am also now Miss Kim's helper to cross the days off on her calendar on the counter. I really like coming in to see everyone, and mom is really excited about my progress. I hope this means no back surgery to fix my feet!"

- Brennah J.

"On July 5th, I woke up and could barely get out of bed. The pain continually got worse through the day. I could not sit, stand or walk for longer than 10 minutes each. By mid-afternoon, I had my son take me to the emergency room. I am not knocking emergency care, however, all they did for me was prescribe drugs and told me to get into a specialist. So, for the next 3 days, I lived in pain, while on narcotic pain killers and couldn't work. Monday came around and I called Tundra Chiropractic and told them my situation. They immediately got me in, that morning, to see Dr. Cory. He took x-rays and told me he didn't want to give an adjustment until he read and examined the x-rays. We then scheduled an appointment for Tuesday AM. When I arrived for my appointment, he assured me he could help me with my pain in my back and neck but advised it would take time.

For the next month, I have been seeing Dr. Cory and have been getting adjustments on my back and neck. Needless to say, I have no more pain and have returned to work. During one of my visits, he wanted to adjust me on my side, to which I explained how I may not be able to do that because of a knee issue. I then explained that I had knee surgery 15 years ago and have had issues ever since. I had constant pain and swelling and could not bend the knee or walk right. He asked if he could look at it and told me my knee cap was out of place. He has been doing adjustments on my knee since then, along with my back and neck, and the pain and swelling are completely gone!!! After 15 years of pain, I'm amazed at the miracle he performed.

I can't forget to mention the receptionist, Kim, because she is always there with a big smile and greeting every day and makes you feel right at home."

- Kathleen R.

"I have been coming to Tundra Chiropractic for many years. When Dr. Cory and Dr. Kallie took over the practice from his predecessor in 2018, I decided to stay on and see how things would develop. In the relatively short time Dr. Cory and Dr. Kallie have been here, they have made a lot of positive changes, renovating the office and adjustment rooms, adding a flat screen TV with changing pictures and updating equipment. Dr. Cory's friendly and personable demeanor allows time for each patient he sees. His adjustments help me get through each week, and his rates are reasonable, even if you do not have insurance. Kim, his friendly and helpful secretary, allows much flexibility in scheduling appointments. I would strongly recommend Dr. Cory to anyone looking for an outstanding chiropractor."

- Keith H.

"I started coming to Tundra Chiropractic for general back pain and a broken tailbone from my first born's birth. Dr. Cory always had me leaving feeling better than when I walked in. I went from substantial pain sitting to being comfortable sitting for a moderate amount of time - which has been amazing!

When I got pregnant with my second child I started to see Dr. Kallie. I had a lot of pregnancy-related pains and she was so thorough making sure I left feeling better! I truly believe the chiropractic care was a huge part in how well my second birth went! Even Oliver's first adjustment went great - so great, he slept right through it! Not only do you get great chiropractic care here, you also are always greeted with happy smiles and attitudes from Kim, Cory, and Kallie. You can tell everyone genuinely has your best interest at heart! I'd recommend Tundra to Anyone!"

- Ashlee G.

"When I first came to Tundra I could barely move. I've been coming to Tundra the last 3 months and have had great success and am back to being able to move and play with my kids. I would recommend Tundra to my family and friends!"

- Tyler K.

"Hello! My name is Jackie & I had the privilege of being seen by Dr. Kallie when I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Labor & delivery for my 1st child was not the labor/delivery I had dreamed about, so when I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child, I was determined to have a birth free of pain medication/epidural. My "ideal birth" vision was crushed (or so I thought) when an ultrasound revealed that our baby was breech. My due date was quickly approaching, so I wanted to do everything & anything I could to help baby flip into the correct position. To help forgo a c-section, my midwife referred me to Tundra Chiropractic. I started seeing Dr. Kallie for the Webster's Technique. We had another ultrasound scheduled to determine baby's position & possibly schedule and ECV (external cephalic version). ECV's are risky, so it was going to be scheduled in the OR in case an emergency c-section was needed (yikes!!). Thankfully the ultrasound revealed that our daughter had flipped into the correct position & I could go forward with the natural delivery I so desired. On November 21st, we welcomed our daughter, Marlee Joy, into the world. Her birth was perfect in every way - just like her! I am so grateful for Dr. Kallie!!"

- Jackie H.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Cory before he opened Tundra Chiropractic. How is that possible you ask? Well, when I lived in Kenosha I went to Bedogne Chiropractic Clinic where I met Dr. Cory. Later he relocated to the Green Bay area and by coincidence I also moved to northeastern Wisconsin. Once he got his new office up and running, I found it! From the start it was apparent that Dr. Cory and Dr. Kallie were dedicated to healing through chiropractic. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first about chiropractic, but I needed help. A long neglected back injury from my military service worsened over time with the pain interfering with normal day-to-day activities. Until chiropractic, all the care I ever got was to take a pill. Dr. Cory is very responsive and in addition to back and neck adjustments has offered many physical exercises I can do to help me heal. The care given by Dr. Cory and everyone at Tundra Chiropractic has made a significant improvement in my quality of life! Kim is always a joy to work with. Their positive and upbeat attitude, compassion and willingness to go above and beyond to help is fantastic. I'm thrilled to be "Patient of the Month" and offer my positive experience with Dr. Cory and Tundra Chiropractic!"

- Shane L.

"Sometimes everything falls into place. I have always had trouble with my spine and resulting pain throughout my body. I've seen chiropractors off and on my whole life. I love the results of living pain free. It's not just Dr. Cory's ability to adjust me head-to-toe, it's the whole package of a friendly office and family atmosphere. Week by week the improvements are so amazing. I've gained a range of motion in my neck that I haven't had in awhile. Lately he's been adjusting my arms and hands - it's made a big difference in my daily routine. Everything just falls into place and I can face another week."

- Juli S.

"So thankful for Tundra Chiropractic. I've seen several different chiropractors over the last 10 years and none have been able to adjust me like Cory and Kallie. Driving truck and doing CrossFit create a ton of stress on my back. When I came to Tundra Chiropractic I was having loss of feeling below my waist and numbness and tingling down my legs. This discomfort was causing me physical pain and anxiety not knowing what the future had in store for me. Cory and Kallie's adjustments combined with Active Release Technique (ART) and their suggestion of movements to do at home and in the gym have provided me with excellent results. I have been able to move better and adapt to changing conditions easier than I have in years. I didn't know my back was able to move this well until Cory was the first chiropractor to be able to adjust my L-1 vertebrae. Huge relief! Thanks Cory and Kallie for your expertise and assistance in helping me to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle!"

- Rob D.

"I am incredibly grateful for Tundra Chiropractic. After regularly seeing a chiropractor for many years due to lower back pain, I switched to Dr. Cory and noticed an immediate difference in the adjustment. Most recently, I experienced the worst back pain of my life after coughing so hard I threw my back out (on a Thursday). This pain caused back spasms in the night that had me in tears and wanting desperately to dial 911. Fortunately, Dr. Cory was able to get me in immediately for an adjustment. Kim did a great job keeping tabs on me throughout the weekend and even scheduling an emergency appointment. Never before have I received chiropractic care like that! Over the next week, Dr. Cory gave me exercises to do at home and instructions to ice my back if spasms began. As the spasms continued, I did what the great Dr. ordered and immediately reached for the ice rather than the stash of leftover pain medication. He even encouraged me to get back to the gym to keep my back moving. I'm happy to report that after a few weeks of treatment, I have no pain whatsoever. What I appreciate most is that Dr. Cory is not one of those chiropractors who just wants to get you in the door day after day; he proposed a reasonable treatment plan, stuck to it, and now has me back on a monthly maintenance plan that allows me to continue an active lifestyle. Thanks for the superior care!"

- Kelly R.

"In May 2018 I got my back hurt real bad training for MMA. Months passed the pain got worse that I couldn't even do a lot of things and my coach suggested me to give a visit to Tundra Chiropractic. I wasn't sure if it could work but I gave it a try. I call and schedule an appointment for August with Dr. Cory he show me the problem that I have with my back and talk about the process how it was gonna go and suggested me if I will like to start or think about it, I went for it. Starting I was negative, thought it was not gonna help me and that I was gonna stay with the pain. Then 5 months passed there's no pain at all but still going to keep improving my back and start to train again and do the things I like. I really appreciate the support/positivity that they gave me over there. My experience with Tundra Chiropractic has changed my life/body in a good way."

- Javier R.

"At one of Kayla's well baby visits her pediatrician pointed out that a flat spot was developing on the back right side of Kayla's head. Her pediatrician noted that Kayla did not like to turn her neck to the left which was causing her to only lay on the right side. If it did not improve by her 4 month appointment Kayla's pediatrician said we would need to go to physical therapy and be reviewed for helmeting. After researching pediatric chiropractors in the area I found Dr. Kallie and she saw us the same day. After a few adjustments Kayla had full range of motion of her neck and I even started to catch her sleeping with her head turned the other way vs. having to have to move it! Kayla also suffered from colic which after a few adjustments disappeared, she became more regular AND started sleeping 10 hours straight at night!! We have seen great improvements thanks to Dr. Kallie!

Max is 2 years old and has never been a good napper or night time sleeper, I can count how many times he has slept through the night in his whole life. Max came with to a few of Kayla's appointments and we started to get him adjusted as well. After the first adjustment Max took a straight 3 hour nap! We are looking forward to see improvements in Max as well!"

- Kayla and Max R.

"I hurt my lower back in August moving into our new home. I am on Medicare and am able to get surgery and pain medications for very little out of pocket cost. My brother went that route but was never really pain free and it hindered his mobility.

I decided to look for a more permanent fix to my chronic back problems.

I met Dr. Cory and he diagnosed my problem areas and put me on a total program including some life changing exercises. I am almost pain free now (I am 67 after all) and my mobility has drastically increased. I walk 3-5 miles per day with my very active dog. I am able to work 8 hour shifts on my feet at Festival Foods, ride horses and enjoy life with more endurance. Thanks, Dr. Cory!"

- Paul S.

"The care I have received at Tundra Chiropractic has had a significantly positive impact on my health. My second pregnancy has so far been a more manageable experience due to the chiropractic care I have received from Dr. Kallie. I experience less frequent and less severe back pain then I experienced during my first pregnancy. My daily headaches have all but been eliminated. Addressing issues as they arise during this pregnancy and working to resolve chronic and acute pain has contributed to a healthier mindset and a more positive experience. As a result of my experience with Dr. Cory and Dr. Kallie, I am now also more mindful of the choices I make as I have become aware of how they impact my health and comfort."

- Jess C.

"With very little experience with chiropractic, I couldn't have chosen a better place than Tundra Chiropractic when I started experiencing back pain in June. From the beginning, Dr. Cory took the time to explain the causes of my pain, the plan he developed to improve my health (and fix the pain), and answer any and all questions. Throughout the last three months, Dr. Cory has always made time to ensure I understand the work he is doing, the exercises I can do to improve my health, the progress I am making, and to just have a conversation. He is very personable and knowledgeable.

I am very pleased with the progress I have made since my first visit. My back pain is gone, I feel healthier, I sleep better, and my x-rays show excellent improvement. I have Dr. Cory to thank!

From the moment you walk in the door at Tundra Chiropractic, you feel like family. Dr. Cory, Dr. Kallie, and Kim all take the time to make you feel welcome. From time to time, I have had to adjust appointment times at the last minute due to changes in work commitments and Kim is always accommodating and understanding. She is also very helpful with questions about insurance. If she doesn't know the answer, she can find it quickly. The Madisons truly care about their patients and our health and it shows. Tundra Chiropractic is a great place to be."

- Andy B.

"My experience with Tundra Chiropractic has been really amazing! I suffered with hip pain for over 3 years and a few months ago the pain went from an annoying issue I dealt with a few times a week to a problem that was affecting me every single day. When I couldn't handle the pain anymore a friend of mine suggested I see Dr. Cory. It was a tough pill to swallow after our consultation to find out that I had several alignment issues and the X-rays showed that I had clearly worn my hip socket down from all the popping I was doing in an attempt to get relief. It was going to take some work but I was ready to get back to life so we started our treatment plan right away.

I was shocked when within a week the tightness in my hip was so much better that I went from needing to pop my hip several times a day to doing it once in a week. As the weeks went by I continued to experience improvements in my hip, no longer popping it for relief and the getting back the ability to be more active. I also noticed less headaches and backaches. One of the most surprising outcomes so far from my chiropractic care has been seeing an improvement in my asthma and allergy symptoms. It's AMAZING!

I look forward to seeing even more improvement as we finish out my initial treatment plan and continuing to see Dr. Cory for maintenance care afterwards. Without a doubt the care I'm receiving has changed my life."

- Nicole L.


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