Webster Technique in De Pere

Webster's Technique in De Pere WI

Here at Tundra Chiropractic in De Pere we are Webster’s Certified and specialize in working with pregnant mamas. Whether you are trying to conceive or currently expecting, having a neuro-spinal system that is clear and connected creates the optimal environment for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy!

Getting adjusted by a Webster’s Certified provider is important because they have the proper experience and education to thoroughly evaluate and correct misalignments throughout the spine in relation to your growing baby. These adjustments allow the body to adapt and function the way it was meant to do so. Chiropractic care in pregnancy is vital to normal physiological function throughout pregnancy and birth.

Chiropractic Benefits to Mom:

  • Provides comfort during pregnancy
  • Known to reduce average labor times
  • Encourages optimal fetal position through proper pelvic alignment
  • Reduces neck, back, hip, and pelvic pain
  • Supports natural labor and delivery
  • Decreases stress on mom and growing baby
  • Creates proper alignment of uterine ligaments
  • Reduces interference to the mother’s vital nerve system which controls and coordinates all of her organ systems and bodily functions.
  • Prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in pelvic bony structures, muscles and ligaments.
  • Removes tension in the ligaments that support the uterus.
  • By improving maternal function we are decreasing the potential for unnecessary intervention during labor/delivery--- giving Mom and easier labor!

Chiropractic Benefits to Baby:

  • Reduces interference on the mother’s nerve system allowing for better baby development.
  • Less stress on developing and growing baby
  • Pelvic balance allows the baby greater room to develop without restrictions to its skull, spine and other skeletal structures which are still forming.
  • Offers the baby the room to move into the best possible position for birth.

Webster’s Technique in De Pere WI

Webster’s technique is designed to help the body reach its physiological potential by reducing nerve interference and balancing the ligaments supporting pregnancy, overall improving biomechanical function of the pelvis. When the body is functioning properly the baby can then be able to move into the ideal position for birth.

If the sacrum is displaced or subluxated then the diameter of the pelvis is decreased, thus decreasing the space for baby. Microtraumas from sitting all day long or even from sitting as a child throughout years of school can cause the sacrum to subluxate causing the pelvis to be “deformed”.

When a baby is considered to not be in the ideal or normal position for birth (could be breech, transverse, occiput posterior/or back labor, etc) baby is choosing or being forced into these positions because of the forces on them (i.e. from a misaligned sacrum). Life is intelligent and if there is a misaligned sacrum it will force baby into a less than ideal position.

Once the Sacrum is no longer misaligned, both the psoas muscle, the round ligament, and utero sacral ligaments need to be evaluated. The psoas muscle hugs the uterus and if it is tight it will pull the entire uterus to one side. Similarly, unilateral tension on the round ligament will cause torque to the uterus. It is the round ligaments job to prevent the uterus from moving posterior keeping the baby's head off of the cervix until the baby is ready to be born. The utero sacral ligaments prevent the uterus from moving anteriorly and tend to hold the cervix in its normal relationship to the sacrum. A sacral dysfunction will affect the position of the cervix and may even cause premature contractions.

It is very important that the Chiropractor in De Pere that you see during pregnancy is Webster’s Certified so they have the proper experience and education to properly evaluate and correct these imbalances. Here at Tundra Chiropractic, Dr. Kallie is Webster’s certified and is working further toward earning her postgraduate Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP) from the ICPA.


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